Monday, June 3, 2013

Desperation, Aspiration & Disappointment

Past few days ...I have been trying to self coach myself on career thinking. It is a tough task to do once own brain surgery but contemplation do help in self awareness.

I wanted to understand what drives my career planning. As one of the biggest illusion in career planning is to be very Objective, Logical and radical about it. Buy when rubber meets the gets confusing . Diving you nuts with fight between left and right brain.

I wanted to breakdown this logical v/s emotional fight into manageable parts for thinking through.

Point of Aspiration: We will have our career goal at the point of our aspiration. Classical "What I want to become..." .Predominantly driven by once life path, past experience, Future potential......with varied contribution from skill composition.

Point of disappointment: While I may have my aspiration, dreams, Plans about my career but not getting something when ever such opportunity exist will disappoint me. Linguistically is other side of aspiration...........though I may not be consciously aspire for it but not getting will bring negative outcome.

Point of Desperation: This is beyond logic. this " I don't care...I just need this ..."  aspect of the career. Very short term driven . May even make you take wrong career decision.

I believe it is very important for oneself to draw clear charter of Values & Life goals to draw your career plan. along with that to clarify what is you careers point of Aspiration, Desperation & Disappointment at time continuum of short, Medium and long term.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

red rose and god in idol....

When we say the color of rose is red………
…in reality……
…that rose is everything but red.

That rose is “seen” as red……...
........because its molecular formulation allows it to absorb all color but color red.

But still rose is represented with color red……

Because…….it is the wave length and request of red which is reflected and understood by our brain through our eyes.

When we say I am seeing god in the temple…… is everything but god….

That idol is "seen” as god…......
....…because its spiritual formulation allows it to absorb all but being god….

But still the idol is represented as god…

But…….has our mind is conditioned to absorb that wave length and frequency to identify god inside us rather in the idol…

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Work Life balance....

An illusive search continues to haunt ..... both as fear of loosing it and being every one aspiration to achieve it. For the first time I saw Work Life balance at No.1 spot in employees value proposition for Indian employees. though it is common to appear as No.1 EVP factor in Australia and New Zealand.

I was not thinking about..... if or not there is a reality in real world for a concept of work life balance or is it just illusion created from not getting needed emotional validation at work ....which we expect just because we spend 10hrs a day in office.

Last week when I met my doctor and he enquired about my 2 smart phone was my personal and great BlackBerry was my office phone. He was curious why I need 2. I said one is for work and other is for personal life. He was quick to say.....your work should be life. very opt for a well know heart specialist to say so......(sigh...)

I wanted to look into this from the point of time ...... being bit more quantitative

During the search I found some interesting research done by Christian Kroll , Sebastian Pokutta ( :Just a perfect day? Developing a happiness optimised day schedule:Journal of Economic Psychology Volume 34 2013 210 - 217.)

They put some serious research on what is been considered as perfect day by person. I believe this is what every one look for the day they can achieve perfect day and say...."I have work life balance now".

The research points out in a "perfect day" person would only want to work for 36 minutes...!!!

Illusive isn't it....

than cant we have that perfect day or that work life balance????

I took a dig at average time I believed most who know will spend in a working at work or otherwise. I believe we spend 54% to 69% of our time outside our office or work as we can call it. More importantly we don't spend more than 25% a year in office. doesn't feel that feels like we spend 80% of time in office.


is it because we don't find those components which make an ideal meditation time....socialising....and try to substitute with something similar.......but don't get what we expected.

Instead can we......

1. Start using that 69% which we spend outside office effectively by spending quality time with family and more importantly with oneself.

2. Using the commuting time effectively to listen to music, Audio book or photo on the way or reading book ......anything which possible at that time.

3. Stop expecting emotional validation at office and stop expecting respect for our office achievement at home. Instead put effort to get it other way.

Do you know how much time it is ....if it is 69% or even 54%.......

There is 31536000 seconds in a year.......69% mean....21759840 seconds.......can we use it effectively for our family and for our self.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family-Behavior & actions-Yagnavalka

I Believe family get constituted with clear combination of Love & Respect and Care & Earning. Each one in the family has onus to exhibit behavior of love and respect to each other. As well take ownership of acting as either and care taker and earner.
Though there can be multiple combinations of  being care taker and earner for the family. Which driven predominantly by cultural influence towards gender and age.

Love and respect to each other in family is the factor which sustains the happiness or help families to come out of hard time. Its balance or excess of both is very important while excess of both can be a bliss....:-)

It is important to understand one more aspect as well at the core..... once Rishi Yagnavalka told his wife Maitreyi  "Ah, you are very dear to me, and dear is what you say! Come, sit down. I will explain to you. But while I am explaining, you must try to think carefully of what I say." Then he said: "Now hear what is true.
It is not for love of the husband that a husband is dear, but for love of the Atman a husband is dear.
Truly, it is not for love of the wife that a wife is dear, but for the love of the Atman a wife is dear . . .
Truly, it is not for the love of wealth that wealth is dear, but for the love of the Atman wealth is dear."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Multi tasking v/s multi focusing

I did search on Google for "multi task and multi focus" and got About 10,600,000 results (0.23 seconds) .........
We have 15 billion brain cells connected with circuit structure equals to thousands of cities. My ear can hear 1600 different frequencies, ranging from 20 to 20000 cycles per second. My eyes can detect a single photon of light and the 80000 fibers in each of my optic nerves transmit info from 132 million rods & cones to my brain. more than 300 million air sacs in my lungs provide oxygen to the 100 trillion cells throughout body. my 206 bones and 656 muscles form much diverse but still coordinated machine ever made..............AND HOW CAN EVER IMAGINE AND ACCEPT THE FACT I CAN NOT DO MORE THAN 1 TASK..................RIDICULOUS.
D.......something is wrong with this understanding.......
I do understand this is conclusion based on lot research by lot of organisation and lot of great scholars...............but still......
.......Something is missing.......
Let me jump one more thing which i believe key factor ..............or reason ...........why i believe malti tasking is very viable.............CATEGORISATION.
How you categorise your task/goals/people/place/experiences/situations/emotions/objects/results/failure/etc/etc into a common bucket............. how you categorise these.........and very important how you un-categorise the same..............and than re-categorise the same.
In a very simple situation........... you are on a long drive to a vacation destination........
1. Your driving on high way.
2. You are engaged in conversation with your wife.
3. Your eye is on the rear view mirror for the vehicle coming behind.
4. Your eye is on left mirror for the vehicles over taking.
5. Your eye is on the right mirror for probable surprises.
6. Your keeping eye through rear view mirror on activities of your children in back seat.
7. Your also keeping watch for next coffee shop.
8. Thinking about the hotel you will be chking in.
9. Thinking of the plan for the day once you reach the destination.
10. listening to your wife.
11. listening to the music in the car.
12. listening horn sound out side.
13. sensing something wrong with A/c leading to low temperature.
14. etc
15. etc
You are doing all this to ensure you " have great time with family". Your NOT DOING "driving" are DOING "have great time with family".
I am sure lot of above would have been disturbance for the driver if you have hired a driver . His assumed expectation is to DO the "driving".
What is the point!?
difference is first instance person is focused on " have great time with family" all other tasks including driving form part of this vision or goal. While in later case............driving by itself is the focus.
I believe it works in both office and other personal environment as well.
If the team is aligned to a vision, a goal or a common object than it will impossible for them to feel .............. handling a meeting, a customer call, priority of operation , escalation from multi task. rather is will be for a purpose of achieving common goal.
It is very important to create common goal in life................this is key to give work-life balance......
You will no longer see your personal life and office life as mutually exclusive as you see both stream on inter connected and inter related to achieve that common goal.
If you think about it........... every task is a muti task if you break it into sub tasks. It is once bias and language...............which make certain task sound like single task.
What do you think?

Harish B K (हरीश, 海瑞士 , ハリッシュ)
Mobile:+91 9845438231
"Keep Doing............"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Courage...Compassion....Connection....and Vulnerability

Something moved inside me when i saw this slide.........something knoded its head with approval inside me.
This must be the thing which has made me to put website, make a resume which disects my full slef than just my traditional resume.
This talk gave a dimension to my thinking of why its ok to be vulnerabel.... its about:
Courage to accept my own imperfection....
Compasion with my own self.....being a selfish fool
Connect with onself....strive every day to achive this

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why I did what I did.......

What I did:

I Changed my Job......I moved from Microsoft to Honeywell. Yes, You are correct...I moved to my earlier company.

How I did:

I am not trying to tell you..... how I changed the job. I am want share how I arrived at decision to change the job. In reality it was not a decision to change the job . It was a decision to re consolidate my strength position .

It started with a thought.....a year back...... when i wanted to understand what is that i do which making me successful or failure in what I do. It was search beyond hard skill and soft skill. As I was convinced there are people with better education, knowledge and soft skill than me or less than me............ but the difference in result (success or failure) vary beyond the difference b/w these skills.

First steps happened to be i choosing a NLP based experience with "fire walk". I did walk on hot coal. It was about understanding your fears and finding your real you. yes...i realised...real identity inside is by default is of strength but it get shaded by fears which we don't even recognise.

Than....i wanted to learn the skills of understanding our selves and understanding other at this deeper level. That made me to learn NLP....I went up to NLP master practitioner certification.

I started assessing myself.

My first stop was.....understanding what is my life goals are....I did found out ... " My life is about Being honest, successful, keeping family happy and above all being “myself” ". I was able to touch on my identity as I see myself .... "Selfish fool". This fitted very well with what I truly believe and what ever I have done till date .

Next stop was at understand at personal level dissect my Characteristic and behaviour. Tony Robbins personal strength and behaviour mapping helped me a lot as first step.

I went further with much known methods of assessing my strength and character types ( they cost you a bit but worth every penny!!!).

1. "Strength Finder 2.0" by Tom Rath.....Gallup Press.

2. "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves......TalentSmart.

3. Mayer-Briggs personality test

These helped me to identify my strengths, Character type, My core interests & Environment I work which will help me to do my best.

Final part was my resume to state what my skills stand for.... "My area of expertise include payroll transformation, HR service Implementation & operation, HR service Outsourcing Strategy and governance. I am a certified Six sigma Black Belt & Lean expert. I am also a Master NLP practitioner. My leadership style is of “Service leader”." .

All this took close to 11 months to come together and make sense. Than I told my self..........if these are the things about me which will make me successful or failure than this what an organisation should know if they hire me or have already hired me.....apart from my resume. So I created my resume what I call "Why...How...What ....resume". An approach to make your representation inside out rather than outside in with a conventional resume.

I believe ...if you fully focus on something and work your way towards it. Than what you wished for will get realised. I got opportunity from Honeywell at this point. It all came together well. So I joined Honeywell.

It was also important at this point for me to understand how this can be a good choice in terms of environment to express my skill and behaviour. Moving from a environment which has single Industry, $ 60Billion revenue with 40% Gross margin company to a Multi industry, $32 Billion revenue with 24% Gross margin....... it was choice about....which drives urgency and strategic position a Share Service takes in each company.

Why I did:

This is my attempt to align self with my strengths, environment & behaviour .

as an end always get what you always really wanted as long you know what you really want. Do take time to find out what you REALLY want. Crux is knowing WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.

As I always did from past 5 years...... I continue to do my Life planning than just carreer planning. I belive this make your work life less stressful as you know exactly why you are doing what you are doing.